St John's Wort

11th Dec 2015

St John’s Wort was brought to Australia in about 1875, either as a garden or medicinal plant. It has spread through Eastern Australia and is now considered one of our worst widespread weeds. It is highly suited to areas receiving more than 600 ... more details

Wellington Vale landholders keen to control pests

20th Nov 2015

Twenty four landholders from the Wellington Vale area attended GLENRAC’s field day at the Tent Hill Hall on Wednesday 18th of November. The day comprised of discussions on both weeds and pest animals. The first presentation was on GLENRAC&rsqu... more details

GLENRAC Focuses on the Future

19th Nov 2015

GLENRAC will host a workshop for interested businesses on Wednesday 2nd December titled ‘Focus on the Future – Plan for Success’. The workshop will run from 9:00am to 12:00pm and will be free to attend but numbers are limited. Land... more details

War on weeds at Wellington Vale

10th Nov 2015

GLENRAC will host a short field day for landholders in the Wellington Vale district next Wednesday 18th November at the Tent Hill Hall. The field day will launch GLENRAC’s 25th Anniversary Landcare Grant project targeting weed control on privat... more details

Get the dirt on soil health

10th Nov 2015

GLENRAC will host a bus trip to Derek & Fiona Smith’s property ‘Kennilworth’ located just outside of Guyra to ‘get the dirt’ on soil health on Thursday 19th November. Derek Smith has presented at a number of GLENRAC ... more details

Your top recycling questions answered

06th Nov 2015

New National Recycling Week report illustrates benefits to people, profits and planet What happens to recycling when it goes in the recycling bin? What are the common mistakes householders make in their kerbside recycling? Glen Innes Severn residen... more details

Small grants to fertilise sustainable agriculture knowledge

05th Nov 2015

Submitted - Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP Farmers and fishers across the country are set to receive a boost, with $2.2 million in small grants announced to increase industry capacity and support the adoption of productive management practices.   ... more details

$45 Million Business Skills Program - Building for the future of farming in NSW

04th Nov 2015

Submitted - NSW DPI Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair today launched the NSW Government’s $45 million Farm Business Skills Professional Development Program. From today, service providers and primary producers can apply to participate... more details

$5,000 grants available to support volunteers in the New England Electorate

29th Oct 2015

Submitted - Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP  FEDERAL Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce has encouraged community organisations in the New England Electorate to apply for a grant of up to $5,000 to assist the work of their volunteers. Mr Joyce said th... more details

Tiger Pear on the Northern Tablelands

20th Oct 2015

Submitted - New England Weeds Authority Tiger Pear (Opuntia aurantiaca) is a low growing, jointed cactus, with very nasty barbs and regarded to bethe most troublesome of all the cactus species inNSW. Native to South America, this succulentis believe... more details

Council and GLENRAC join forces against weeds

20th Oct 2015

The second round of GLENRAC’s weed project Protection and restoration of roadside vegetation is now open. GLENRAC will be working together with landholders and the Glen Innes Severn Council to manage noxious and environmental weeds to improve r... more details

Low stress stockhandling school in Glen Innes

12th Oct 2015

After a successful school in the area two years ago, Chook Kealey from Low Stress Stockhandling Pty Ltd is returning to Glen Innes to run another school in October. The school will be run in partnership with GLENRAC on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15t... more details

Local Land Services – tell us what you think

11th Oct 2015

Local Land Services wants to hear from the community about its future direction. A draft State Strategic Plan and eleven local strategic plans have been released for public consultation and all members of the community are invited to provide comment... more details

Community rallies to support local charities

22nd Sep 2015

GLENRAC was the recipient of $3,243.33 from the New England Mutual's Community Partnership Program. GLENRAC commitee and members would like to thank both NEM & community members who nominated GLENRAC as their Community Partner account.  The... more details

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles in regional weed inspection and surveillance programs

22nd Sep 2015

Submitted by New England Weeds Authority  The Northern Inland Weeds Advisory Committee (NIWAC) has released its final report on the NSW DPI Innovative Project 2013 – 2015 Integrated Aerial Surveillance, Thermal Imaging and Mapping Pr... more details

Facebook & Farming

22nd Sep 2015

Submitted by Rural Biz Training This clip on YouTube from Art4Agriculture provides some staggering statistics on the use of social media. Savvy farmers all over Australia are using Facebook and other forms of social m... more details

Pest animal research conserves quolls

07th Sep 2015

Submitted NSW DPI Today, as people across Australia celebrate National Threatened Species Day our largest native marsupial carnivore on the mainland, the spotted-tailed quoll, has come a lot closer to home and scientists can prove it with satellite ... more details


02nd Sep 2015

Submitted Adam Marshall MP - Member for Northern Tablelands MEMBER for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall today congratulated members and staff of the Glen Innes Natural Resource Advisory Committee (GLENRAC) on winning the NSW 2015 Landcare Community... more details

Fit Farmers event to run again

01st Sep 2015

GLENRAC will host a workshop in Deepwater on Thursday the 10th September at the Deepwater Tennis Club from 10:00am to 12:00pm. The workshops will target topics relating to improving farmers physical, mental and financial fitness. The Fit Farmers w... more details

New Partnership in Weed Management and Control for Glen Innes Severn Council area

01st Sep 2015

Submitted by New England Weeds Authority Following recent negotiations between Glen Innes Severn Council and the New England Weeds Authority (NEWA) a Memorandum of Understanding has been entered in to for the next 3 years whereby NEWA will carry out... more details

Pasture to Pocket workshop for producers

25th Aug 2015

Resource Consulting Services (RCS) will be returning to Glen Innes on 15-17th of September to run a Pasture to Pocket workshop in conjunction with GLENRAC. The training will run for two and a half days involving a mix of “in room” theory ... more details

Friends with Health Benefits

12th Aug 2015

Is your health the best it can be? Do you need some motivation to improve your health? Are you interested in a personalised programme to keep you on track and help you achieve your goals? GLENRAC and Rural Fit will be launching the Friends with Healt... more details

NSW DPI's Rural Women's Gatherings deliver outstanding community benefits

06th Aug 2015

Source: NSW DPI Rural Women's Network The Rural Women’s Gathering is an annual event that takes place in a different NSW rural location each year which seeks to provide rural women with support, information and skills to enable them to address... more details

New Planting to Restore Little Llangothlin Lagoon

05th Aug 2015

Submitted by Eli Dutton, WetlandCare Australia WetlandCare Australia has recently been awarded an Australian Government 20 Million Trees project to revegetate 45 hectares at Little Llangothlin Lagoon Nature Reserve. Little Llangothlin Lagoon Nat... more details


04th Aug 2015

Submitted Inverell Shire Council Landholders in Inverell Shire have are being urged to be vigilant to problem weed Serrated Tussock. Council Weeds Officer, Sam Gorton, says now is the ideal time to spot Serrated Tussock in the paddock, with the spec... more details

Glen Innes gets ready to Clean Out

04th Aug 2015

Glen Innes residents are being encouraged to clean out unwanted chemicals as part of a co-ordinated statewide campaign. The annual Chemical CleanOut is on again this Thursday 13th August, at the Glen Innes Severn Works Depot in Lang Street and is op... more details

Bus trip to native nursery

04th Aug 2015

GLENRAC is offering people from Glen Innes the opportunity to visit Mole Station Native Nursery on Friday the 14th of August. Owners Sarah and David Caldwell will give a tour and explain how a commercial nursery operates. Situated 42kms west of Tent... more details

Funding on offer for sustainable agriculture & natural resource management

14th Jul 2015

Submitted by Northern Tablelands Local Land Services  Northern Tablelands Local Land Services is inviting innovative landholders, community members and groups to take advantage of a new round of funding on offer for projects that invest in the... more details

Positive Pasture Walks

30th Jun 2015

The Pasture Walks hosted by GLENRAC last week at Pinkett and Bald Nob have received positive feedback from farmers attending. The events were a new format for GLENRAC lasting only one and a half hours on-farm and hands on, in the paddock. The Pasture... more details

Landcare award for Pinkett farmers

18th Jun 2015

Pinkett beef producers Tony and Barb Holliss were recognised last week in the biannual New England Landcare Awards as the 2015 winners of the “Innovation in Sustainable Farming Practices” category. The awards were announced at last month&... more details

More than stock eating your pastures this winter?

16th Jun 2015

This year has seen a high level of activity of the Australian native insect, the redheaded pasture cockchafer (Adoryphorus couloni) affecting local pastures. More obvious than the insects themselves is the unusually high number of birds, particularly... more details

Productive two day event for Rural, Resourceful and Resilient participants

27th May 2015

“Rural, Resilient & Resourceful” was hosted by the Glen Innes Natural Resources Advisory Committee (GLENRAC) on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd of May. The event was attended by almost 90 people with local and regional attendees, plus s... more details

Pasture Update A Success

15th May 2015

 Over 80 farmers braved the cold weather on Wednesday 13th to attend GLENRAC’s Pasture Update at the Glen Innes Agricultural Research and Advisory Station. There was something for everyone, with presentations, farm visits, and farm machine... more details

Glen Elgin Eco Carers Group completes its first project

15th May 2015

The Glen Elgin Eco Carers’ Landcare group formed in 2010 to raise awareness of the area's endangered ecological community – Eucalyptus pauciflora (snow gums) - and to bring landholders together to strategically protect this remnant commun... more details

GLENRAC is looking for on-ground works projects

05th May 2015

GLENRAC will be looking for landholders across the Glen Innes Severn district interested in improving their waterways with funding just secured from Northern Tablelands Local Lands Services.  The project is targeting river and creek areas across... more details

Pasture Experts to visit Glen Innes

05th May 2015

The Glen Innes Agricultural Research and Advisory Station will be hosting people from all over the district on Wednesday 13th of May, as they come together to hear experts speak a Pasture Update run by GLENRAC in conjunction with Meat and Livestock A... more details

2014 Riparian Projects now completed

01st May 2015

After an expression of interest (EOI) process and selection panel assessment, nine properties were funded within the Northern Tablelands LLS.  All landholders matched funding 50:50 in-kind contributions and each site was assessed by environmenta... more details

Glen Innes community resilient and resourceful

28th Apr 2015

Are you a part of a farming family? Or do you own a business that depends on the rural customers and clients? Have you been affected by hard times over the past few years? Then you should mark Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd of May in your diary. &l... more details

GLENRAC calls for Expression of Interest for OnGround Works

22nd Apr 2015

GLENRAC is inviting expressions of interest from landholders across the district for any kind of projects or on-ground works that they might want to do on their property.  This will help GLENRAC to identify target areas for specific funding and ... more details

Young Ag Professionals to meet in Inverell

17th Apr 2015

GWYMAC Landcare is hosting a weekend conference on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2015 in Inverell for Farmers (men and women), farmer workers and Ag. Industry reps who are under the age of 50 with thanks to funding received from The Ascent Group and The Sch... more details

New England Regional Landcare Awards now open

15th Apr 2015

The biannual Regional Landcare Awards are now open.  There are eight catergories you can enter as an individual or a group.  Applications close 1st May 2015. If you are interested in applying your can fill in the attached application form ... more details

Free Building Resilience Workshop - RURAL VET OFFERS HELP

13th Apr 2015

Following our successful workshop in March 2015, at Glen Innes, Anglicare Northern Inland (ANI) is hosting another “Building Resilience Workshop” at Nullamanna on the 8th May.  Our guest speaker, Mark Cranney will be talking about hi... more details

Locals interested in planting farm trees

25th Mar 2015

Thirty-four locals attended the very successful ‘Trees on Farms’ field day held on Tuesday 24th at “Roseneath”, Rangers Valley. The day was held by GLENRAC (Glen Innes Natural Resources Advisory Committee), and aimed to p... more details

2015 State & Territory Landcare Awards

17th Mar 2015

Source - Landcare NSW website Welcome to this year’s Landcare Awards. If you are involved in protecting or improving your local environment, farm, coastline, bushland, wetland, waterway, school, region, catchment or backyard, there is a catego... more details

Trees on Farms field day

16th Mar 2015

On Tuesday 24th of March GLENRAC is holding a ‘Trees on Farms’ field day at “Roseneath”, Rangers Valley. The half day event will provide local landholders with detailed information on preparing for tree planting, plus the... more details

Resilient Rural Community’s

11th Mar 2015

Anglicare Northern Inland (ANI) are taking to the road with a series of workshops to strengthen the resilience of farming communities responding to changing climate conditions including drought. The road show will include guest speakers from all ove... more details

NSW farmers to build business case at carbon farming workshops

06th Mar 2015

New South Wales farmers have the opportunity to register for a free one-day business awareness workshop. The workshops are for farm owners and anyone considering the business opportunities of carbon offsets projects for farm-based business through pa... more details

GLENRAC & Glen Innes Severn Counil join forces on weeds

30th Jan 2015

In a move to improve roadside weed management, Glen Innes Severn Council and the Glen Innes Natural Resources Advisory Committee (GLENRAC) are working together with landholders to manage noxious and environmental weeds. The aim of the project is to e... more details