RSPCA and Coles donate pet food to GLENRAC

08th Dec 2020
GLENRAC recently received a delivery of pet food donated by RSPCA NSW Glen Innes Volunteer Branch from Coles Forest Lake Warehouse in Brisbane and organised by Manager of Coles
Glen Innes, Natasha Miles and Glen Innes RSPCA volunteer, Brigitte Burridge.
"Our RSPCA Glen Innes Volunteers were delighted to be able to distribute bags of dry dog food to GLENRAC to support local farmers and graziers after one of the worst droughts last year in over a hundred years," said Brigitte.
"Our Branch Volunteers believe that there is still a great need to support and assist our local farming community with their animals in the post drought recovery phase, particularly as many farmers are still suffering financially from the after effects.
"The remainder of the food will be used to support our local RSPCA rescue animals and for other animals in need around Glen Innes and the surrounding districts.
"We sincerely wish to thank Natasha Miles and the Coles Forest Lake Warehouse in Queensland for their effort and generous contribution.
"We would also like to thank GLENRAC's Kylie Falconer, Jenny Coldham and Mahri Koch for their great support to our local RSPCA Volunteers in our drought relief assistance with GLENRAC over the past two years."
GLENRAC in turn would like to say a tremendous THANK YOU to Coles and Brigitte for their continuing efforts in organising donated animal food.

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