You Got this Mate – Mental Health Support for Rural Men

The Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMHP) have announced the official launch of a men’s website which helps rural men reach their best possible mental health.

Like many of us, the RAMHP team saw that many men in the bush who weren’t doing well were also not reaching out for help to keep themselves strong and well. In response, the RAMHP team worked with rural men to build You Got This Mate.

You Got This Mate provides men with practical tips and information about how and when to take action when it comes to their mental health.

Featuring an interactive quiz and videos of men sharing their stories about their own journey and struggles with mental health, You Got This Mate also connects men to the best possible care in their local area. There’s also some great information for friends or family members who may be worried about someone and aren’t sure how to help.

Like all RAMHP products, information presented on the website is evidence-based, developed with the Research Team of RAMHP’s lead organisation, the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health.

Please take a moment to visit It only takes a second to share it or pass it on to a mate too.

You got this mate… and RAMHP’s here to help.

Open Date:   Tue 07/07/2020

Close Date:   Sat 31/07/2021