2020 NSW Vertebrate Pest Management Symposium - Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Wed 08/09/2021

The 2020 NSW Vertebrate Pest Management Symposium will be held at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, from the 8th – 10th September. The symposium will bring together people involved in pest animal management, research and policy to discuss the key elements for successful pest management in NSW. This event is not a scientific forum. The symposium brings together government and non-government pest practitioners to participate in a range of pest related talks and discussions.

Presentations at the symposium will focus on topics such as

  • Innovative management and/or community engagement case studies
  • Peri-urban pest management and dealing with new audiences who may be otherwise disengaged
  • The challenges of communicating pest management
  • Overcoming the challenges of absentee owners
  • The latest in legislation and policy
  • Strategic planning
  • Performance measurement
  • New management and monitoring techniques, tactics and tools
  • Improved knowledge of vertebrate pest biology and ecology
  • Peri-urban pest management
  • New Research

For more information visit: https://vpmsymposium.com.au/

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