RAMSAR Documentary - Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve

In this documentary, we share how we are discovering the web of life at Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve - a RAMSAR designated site in the eastern country between Guyra and Glen Innes, NSW - on Banbai traditional country. 

Filmed by David Waugh of Vimeo, all participating government agencies, scientists, volunteers, and bird watchers share their experiences at the Reserve and their roles in this five year project funded by the Australian Government and Local Land Services.

Glen Innes Natural Resources Advisory Committee (GLENRAC) manages the project on behalf of these agencies and in partnership with National Parks and Wildlife Service.

"This is so beautifully filmed and a really informative documentary.” - Australian Government.

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Pictures from the Past by Christilin
Valleys by Pete Johnson
If I'm Honest by Tobias Bergson
When the Day is Done by Alon Peretz
Morning Rise by Ben Winwood
Arrow Flies by Paper Planes
Open Sky by DJ Tax Rashid
Missing You by King Oak
In the Clouds by Be Still the Earth

Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve - RAMSAR Project

We are delighted to be able to share this short video of the Little Llangothlin Upland Wetlands Reserve with you! Featuring amazing insights from ecologist Dr John T Hunter and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Ranger, Koen Dikjstra.

As part of the National Landcare Program RAMSAR project, GLENRAC have been working in partnership with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Northern Tablelands Local Land Services, NSW Rural Fire Service, Banbai Rangers and BackTrack Youth to protect the unique biodiversity under threat within the Upland Wetlands. 

This video attempts to bring about a better understanding of what these wetlands represent, how they ‘work’ in our region and what it would mean if they were ever allowed to burn.