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Many of our projects carry over from the previous year. So if no new projects have been started this year, please click previous years.

Powering Productive Pastures for Glen Innes

02nd Aug 2017



This project aims to connect local farmers with new technologies to support management decisions. The project will fund one demonstration site of 40 hectares to implement precision agriculture technologies for pastures and showcase technology that is now available to support investment decisions in regards to farm inputs and development.

Funding Source – Landcare Australia Limited – Workplace Giving 

Small Trees on Farms

02nd Aug 2017


Northern Tablelands Local Land Services is seeking to partner with Landcare networks to deliver investment funding to promote planting of native vegetation and enable ‘small’ land holders within the Northern Tablelands region to implement revegetation works.

This project will promote the value of native vegetation and give landholders the opportunity to focus on the management and benefits of native vegetation in the peri urban and farming landscape. This project builds on the Northern Tablelands Trees on Farms project.

Research into the demographics of landholders has identified a growing peri-urban sector in our region. That is landholders with between 10 to 200 hectares, an off farm income, strong interest in the environment, high engagement rates with Landcare, less production focus and limited time to undertake revegetation and invasive species control.

The project will provide financial incentives to encourage landholders to plant native trees on farms. However the ambitious objective of this project will be to highlight to farmers the production benefits that are also achieved from planting trees on farms.


NENWNLP-1617-24 Communication & Negotiation Skills for Landcare Leaders

13th Feb 2017



This project will host one one-day workshop in Glen Innes with Allan Parker of Peak Performance Development. Allan will deliver a Communication and Negotiation workshop to improve the skills and confidence of current and future Landcare and community leaders for our community.


This project is supported by the National Landcare Programme

NENWNLP-1617-26 Learning Together to Conserve the Flora & Fauna of our Endangered Ecological Community at Glen Elgin

13th Feb 2017



This project will provide a day on ground for GEEC members and surrounding landholders to learn species identification skills (flora and fauna), and understand the interconnectedness of the species that make up the EEC we are conserving. These skills will be provided to our members and neighbours by a highly respected local botanist/ecologist (Dr David Carr), and regional herpetologist/ecologist, Alex Dudley.


This project is supported by The National Landcare Programme

NENWNLP-1617-28 Good Governance Supports Great Outcomes

13th Feb 2017



This project will deliver training to landholders and other community members to build their skills and the capacity of community organisations across the Glen Innes district to be able to better achieve their goals and objectives. This will be achieved through providing training and resources for improved governance, better board member competence and effective meetings, allowing volunteer members to be able to focus their energies on delivering effective on ground outcomes. Training will be delivered through 4 training activities – 2 targeting GLENRAC Board members and Landcare Groups and 2 targeting community groups more broadly.


This project is supported by The National Landcare Programme

NENWNLP-1617-29 Paddock Plant Walks for Glen Innes Land Managers

13th Feb 2017



This project will enable GLENRAC to host 4 paddock plant walks across the Glen Innes Severn district in the summer months of 2016/2017. These paddock plant walks will assist land managers to identify common paddock plants including introduced and native grasses and legumes and noxious and environmental weeds.  The project will run in 4 locations in conjunction with local Landcare groups including Ben Lomond, Glen East Landcare, Rummerys Hill Landcare and the Emmaville Common Trust group.  


This project is supported by The National Landcare Programme

NENWNLP-1617-30 Focus on Feral Animal Forum - Northern Tablelands

13th Feb 2017



This project will deliver a Pest Animal Forum bringing together land managers, both public and private land, technical experts and pest animal control practitioners from across northern NSW to share information, experience, techniques and new technologies. This forum will result in improved pest animal control practices, better understanding across different land tenures and an increased collaborative approach. Expected participation in the forum is 50 people.


This project is supported by the National Landcare Programme