Other Opportunities

Wanted: Dung Beetles

Tue 20/11/2018 - Thu 20/12/2018

PhD Student seeking land owners across Australia to help collect dung beetles this January.   Please see event notice fore more information... more details

Regional Well Being Survey

Tue 20/11/2018 - Fri 14/12/2018

The Regional Wellbeing Survey’s mission is to support research that improves the wellbeing and quality of life of people living in rural and regional Australia. Your participation in the survey makes a difference, as it means we can produce dat... more details

New source of loans for Australian Farmers - Regional Investment Corporation

Thu 05/07/2018 - Sun 30/06/2019

The Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) has commenced operation and is set to offer low-interest farm loans. These loans will replace the previous loans available to support drought and which closed on 30 June. There are two types available pr... more details


Thu 28/06/2018 - Mon 31/12/2018

Safe Work NSW offer rebates to help small businesses in NSW improve their safety. Many Landcare organisations are considered small businesses. The small business rebate gives up to $500 back to small business owners who buy and install eligible safet... more details

Drought Assistance Fund

Wed 13/06/2018 - Mon 31/12/2018

The purpose of these low interest loans is to facilitate sustainable primary production in NSW. Eligible applicants up to five years of principle only repayments Interest rate is 0% Principle must be repaid within seven years. Purpose: Transport ... more details

Farm Innovation Fund

Thu 10/05/2018 - Sun 30/06/2019

The NSW Government’s Farm Innovation Fund is an incentive-based initiative to assist farmers in NSW to identify and address risks to their farming enterprises, improve permanent farm infrastructure and ensure long-term productivity an... more details

Power to Save

Thu 10/05/2018 - Sun 30/06/2019

The NSW Government is implementing measures to help households and small businesses save energy and money. There are a range of programs available and savings that can be made including: Discounted energy efficient lighting for h... more details