10th Oct 2014

Submitted by Inverell Shire Council

Landholders in Inverell Shire can now access funding to eradicate Serrated Tussock, under a new program funded by NSW Environmental Trust.  Inverell Shire Council launched the project at a recent field day in the east of the Shire and is eager to hear from landholders who wish to be involved in the program.

Under the program, Inverell Shire Council will control Serrated Tussock by engaging a spray contractor to undertake spot spraying of the weed on all affected properties across the Shire. Although several landholders have signed on to the program, Council would also like to hear from others who have spotted the weed species on-farm.

Serrated Tussock is known as a Class 1 priority weed and a Weed of National Significance, due to its ability to spread rapidly, swallow up large areas of grazing land and negatively impact on production.  Grazing land in districts such as Goulburn, Cooma and Mudgee has been severely affected by Serrated Tussock. Inverell Shire Council is eager to halt emerging infestations in the Shire, with Serrated Tussock already spotted in the east and south of the Shire.

The challenge for many is in accurately identifying the species, which looks markedly different at each phase of growth.  To increase awareness and ability to identify the species, Inverell Shire Council recently hosted a field day between Inverell and Glen Innes and will soon commence in-store displays at rural merchandisers.

The field day focused on increasing skills in identifying Serrated Tussock, tips for not confusing the species with ‘look-alikes’ such as Poa Tussock and Cork Screw Grass.

New England Weeds Authority’s James Browning explained, “A distinguishing feature of Serrated Tussock is the small serrations on the leaves – these can be felt when the leaf is drawn between the fingers”.

Landholders who require assistance with Serrated Tussock identification or suspect they may have the weed are encouraged to contact their local weeds officer. Free resources, including herbicide options and Serrated Tussock information, are available at the Inverell Shire Council Administration Centre in Otho Street. Landholders wishing to be involved in the Serrated Tussock control program are urged to contact Inverell Shire Council 67288281

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