Landholders Looking After Little Llangothlin Lagoon

25th Aug 2014

Submitted by Laura White, WetlandCare Australia

WetlandCare Australia and the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services are working in partnership, funded by the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program, to protect and enhance the ecological character of the Little Llangothlin Lagoon Ramsar site.

The site is listed as being of International Importance under the Ramsar convention, to which Australia is a signatory. The convention aims to conserve wetlands which are rare or unique, or important for conserving biological diversity.

Little Llangothlin Lagoon and surrounding landscape is recognised as providing internationally important waterbird habitat and supporting various nationally threatened plant and animal species and several threatened ecological communities.

This project has engaged farmers in the Lagoon’s catchment to increase productivity and farm health, while improving wetland condition and protecting habitat values through the provision of livestock fencing and alternate watering infrastructure. The project is also partnering with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to undertake on-site tree planting works within the Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve to restore native vegetation communities bordering the lagoon.

Native vegetation health will be improved over 200 ha across the project area, including areas of Upland Wetlands and New England Peppermint Woodland, both threatened ecological communities. Water quality and native fauna habitat in and around the internationally significant Little Llangothlin Lagoon wetland will also be enhanced. Works undertaken will also contribute to reducing weed invasion and expanding key habitat and corridors within the region.

WetlandCare Australia has a long history of working with partner organisations and landholders within the New England Tablelands to provide mutually beneficial outcomes for farmers, wetlands and threatened species and communities. Landholders in the area who may interested in being involved in management activities on their land are encouraged to contact WetlandCare Australia’s Senior Project Officer Eli Dutton on 1800 816 147 to find out more.

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