Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program

22nd Nov 2021

Are you a farmer or does your work impact the agriculture sector or rural communities? Are you looking for someone to call for advice? Or are you looking to make a positive impact on someone’s life by sharing your knowledge?

The Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program connects farmers and people in the agriculture industry from across Australia to share trusted advice and help tackle common challenges associated with drought, climate change, wellbeing and agricultural practice.

Applications close on Sunday, 5 December for you to join over 250 people currently participating. Mentees and mentors on the program are exploring business strategy, upskilling, leadership, people management and decision-making. Whatever your goals might be, a mentor can guide you to achieving them. The program is looking for both mentors and mentees so whether you’re looking to set goals for the new year or give back by sharing your experience, there’s a place for you on the program.

See more information about the Australian rural Leadership Foundation available here.

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