Our RAMSAR Lagoon has water!

12th Oct 2020

Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve – a RAMSAR site – now has water for the first spring season since early 2018!  Aquatic biologist, Sam Lewis, has been busy there last month sweeping for aquatic invertebrates, listening to the many frogs calling, and observing the hundreds of water birds that have arrived for this year’s breeding season.  

Sam is part of the aquatic research team from the University of New England – experienced and passionate scientists working with the fauna and botany teams to record the unpredictable changes in fauna and flora across the Reserve in this Year 3 of our 5 year project there.   

The project is being delivered by Dr Mahri Koch from GLENRAC, in collaboration with Northern Tablelands Local Land Services and National Parks and Wildlife Service, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.  Over the time of the project, we are describing the web of life within and around the Reserve and sharing the information we gather with neighbouring landholders and our communities.  

So, what is this project we are journeying through?  Protecting Little Llangothlin Lagoon for Future Generations is a five-year project that began in 2018 to evaluate the ecological condition of the Nature Reserve, with a focus on improving conditions for threatened species and ecological communities. 

“It has been rewarding and gratifying after a two year wait to see so many bird species arrive at Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve now that we finally have water!”, said Dr Mahri Koch.  “It is a great opportunity to come and visit the Reserve and stroll around the walking track – you never know what you might see.  We have recently recorded 600 grey teal ducks and several black swan breeding pairs setting up their nest sites for the season.  If we are lucky enough to receive more rain, we are hoping to attract other birdlife species to the Reserve over the summer.”

This year is the first time our aquatic researchers have had any water to frolic in so they will be gathering as much data as possible during this glorious spring and coming summer.  

Watch this space for our field day at the Reserve in 2021 to celebrate the project and the Banbai peoples’ cultural connection to this wonderful internationally renowned RAMSAR site.

If you would like more information about the Protecting Little Llangothlin Lagoon for Future Generations project, please contact Dr Mahri Koch at GLENRAC on 6732 3443. We would love to hear from you.

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