Roadside Weeds Beware

07th Aug 2020

GLENRAC is taking aim at invasive roadside weeds in their latest project.  

Working in collaboration with Glen Innes Severn Council and New England Weeds Authority, the project, which is funded by the Australian Government’s Communities Combatting Pest and Weed Impacts During Drought Program, will target priority weeds on roadsides that are not widespread in surrounding paddocks in order to limit their spread.  

Whilst the aim is to address any roadside weeds of concern, the focus will be on invasive grass weeds such as Whisky Grass, Coolatai Grass and Giant Paramatta Grass. 

“NEWA is looking forward to working collaboratively with GLENRAC and Glen Innes Landholders to identify and treat locally significant weed infestations,” said New England Weeds Authority Biosecurity Officer, Trent McIntyre.   

“One focus of the project will be the roadside weedy grass species. Another is new and emerging species that are identified as being of concern, especially those introduced through feed and fodder. The long-term goal of the project is to reduce these infestations to a point where they are easily managed into the future by NEWA and Landholders.” 

The project will also assist farmers to identify new weeds that have been introduced to the area through drought and bushfire fodder and help landholders to control these weeds before they spread.   

Landholders are encouraged to contact Trent McIntyre from New England Weeds Authority on 0438 501 286 if they notice any unusual weed species growing or bring a bagged sample into the GLENRAC office at 68 Church St Glen Innes for identification.  

New England Weeds Authority will attend all GLENRAC’s upcoming Smoko events and attendees are invited to bring bagged weed samples along for identification.   

Opportunities for people to work with New England Weeds Authority or as weed spraying contractors will also be made available through the project, injecting money back into the local community. Anyone interested in casual employment or weed spraying should contact GLENRAC on 02 6732 3443 for more information. 


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