$16.5 Million Funding Splurge to Upgrade Region's Local Roads

30th Jun 2020

19 projects in first round of new NSW Government program


THE efforts of the region’s councils to improve their local road networks has received a huge boost today, with Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall announcing a $16,498,778 funding package for 19 projects in the Gwydir, Tenterfield, Inverell, Moree Plains, Glen Innes Severn and Uralla Shire local government areas.


The funding has been made available through the first round NSW Government’s new $500 million Fixing Local Roads program, of which the Australian Government has contributed $191 million.


Mr Marshall said the major funding injection would act as a giant economic stimulus for the region, allowing councils to bring forward road projects they already had on their books or start new works they did not have the finances to undertake.


“These 19 projects will help generate and retain jobs, helping our region to rebuild and recover from the effects of drought, bushfires and now COVID-19,” Mr Marshall said.


“This is a massive win for our local councils and for everyone in the community who can look forward to better quality and ultimately safer travels. 


“These projects will also be instrumental in getting our agricultural sector and rural communities back on their feet after years of hardship. 


“I don’t think anyone will mind the inconvenient of road works over the next little while, knowing that the end result is going to be higher quality local roads.


Mr Marshall said he viewed today’s funding splurge as an indication of things to come.


“This is only the first round of this program, with many more to come in the next two years,” he said. “Today, our region secured $16.5 million – just imagine what we can scoop up in future funding rounds and the good it will do for our region’s roads and the local economy.


“These works will mean smoother, safer trips along the roads our community use every day to conduct business, transport their produce to market and get their children to school. 


“In this COVID-19 world every job matters and so next time you are stuck on any road works take the time to notice the local faces employed on these important projects. 


“I’ll continue to work with all of our region’s local councils, not just on the delivery of these exciting projects, but looking ahead to the next round for more funding to upgrade even more roads.”


In this round, Gwydir Shire received $5 million, Tenterfield $4 million, Moree Plains $3.4 million, Inverell $2.6 million, Glen Innes Severn $900,000 and Uralla $516,000.    


Details of the funding and projects for each local government area


Armidale Regional Council


** Council did not submit any local road projects for funding.


Glen Innes Severn Council


  • Furracabad Road upgrade                                     $900,000


Gwydir Shire Council


  • Sealing of Horton Road                                          $5,000,000


Inverell Shire Council


  • Copeton Dam Road maintenance                         $289,750
  • Coolatai Road maintenance                                  $208,109
  • Bukkulla Road maintenance                                 $349,402
  • Mount Russell Road maintenance                       $551,742
  • Elsmore Road maintenance                                  $587,737
  • Pindari Dam Road maintenance                           $516,960
  • Old Bundarra Road asphalt paving                      $42,196
  • Gragin Road maintenance                                     $73,832


Moree Plains Shire Council


  • Sealing of curves on SR108 Burrington Road    $560,588
  • Arterial sealing of 5.8km of Terry Hie Hie Road $1,087,500
  • Intersection upgrades with State Highways        $690,000
  • Local roads bridge approaches sealing               $367,500
  • Bridge approaches sealing at Watercourse,       $135,000


Baroona & Poison Gate 


  • Sealing of curves on SR1 Watercourse Road    $622,463


Tenterfield Shire Council


  • Tooloom Road upgrade                                          $4,000,000


Uralla Shire Council


  • Hawthorne Drive upgrade                                      $516,000


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