WATCH OUT! Parthenium Weed is About!

02nd Jun 2020

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WEED? Parthenium weed has been sighted at twelve locations in NSW (including on the slopes and plains west of the Northern Tablelands) and landholders are urged to be on the lookout for this noxious weed. 

Now is the time to spot the distinctive flowers and help identify this devasting weed, which poses a significant biosecurity risk to NSW. It invades crops and pastures and can cause allergic reactions in people, including dermatitis and respiratory problems and can cause health problems in dogs and livestock.

Parthenium weed is turning up in places it has never been found before. This April marked the first recorded incursion of parthenium weed east of the Great Dividing Range in Sydney and in the Hunter. In the past it’s been found in North West NSW through to Central West and has turned up in the Riverina as far south as the Victorian border.

Please help by letting us know where you have seen parthenium. Inspect roadsides and areas with bare soil, where soil or compost have been delivered or where earthworks have taken place. Check areas where hay, grain or bird seed has been fed to pets, livestock or chickens. 

If you think you have seen parthenium weed, note the location and call the NSW DPI Biosecurity Helpline, 1800 680 244 or your local council for assistance.

Plans are in place to eradicate the weed in NSW and your calls can help us to rid the state of this unwanted weed.

To date plants from all twelve incursion sites have been removed and destroyed. 

More information about parthenium weed and how to identify the plant at different growth stages is available from NSW DPI,

You can use an online form to record any weed sightings

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