Helping Secure the Future of Travelling Stock Reserves Through Long-Permits

14th May 2020

For the first time in five years, livestock producers have the opportunity to apply for long-term access to hundreds of Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs) across NSW.

Applications for permits are open this month in the majority of Local Land Services regions and producers are invited to submit a tender for a Management Agreement Permit.

“These permits are a win-win for producers and the long-term health and viability of our state’s TSR network,” said Local Land Services Executive Director of Regional Operations, Rob Kelly.

“Livestock producers get certainty of TSR access, helping them plan and manage their business while also taking on the responsibility of being a custodian of public land,” said Mr Kelly.

Management Agreement Permits will only apply to a proportion of carefully assessed TSRs in each region.

All TSRs remain available by application to Local Land Services for short-term access permits such as walking stock.

Under new measures introduced by Local Land Services, Management Agreement Permits across NSW are now standardised, and the process of assessing the tenders is more robust.

Successful tenderers will be selected by Local Land Services in each region, based on a selection criteria that will ensure appropriate ongoing land management and maintenance of the TSR.

These criteria include the producer’s proposed grazing practices and experience as well as how he or she plans to manage pests, weeds and drought impacts.

“The people of NSW can have greater certainty than ever before that our TSR network is being managed sustainably, helping ensure it remains viable for the future,” said Mr Kelly.

Livestock producers who are successful in obtaining a Management Agreement Permit must abide by its conditions and Local Land Services reserves the right to terminate it at any time.

The producer will also pay the nominated annual permit fee to Local Land Services, providing crucial income that will be used to maintain the entire TSR network across the state.

“The community expects our TSR network to be properly looked after so that important agricultural, environmental, cultural and social values are preserved,” said Mr Kelly.

“We are committed to making sure our TSRs are managed as they should be and these Management Access Permit, granted to suitable producers, are one way we are doing that.”

Management Agreement Permits that are currently open for tender applications will take effect from July 1.

For more information on Management Agreement Permits, producers can:

Anyone considering submitting a tender should read and understand the following documents which are on the Local Land Services website:


Travelling stock reserves are parcels of Crown land which were traditionally used for moving stock and grazing.

They are now recognised as having important values for biodiversity conservation, indigenous culture and recreation as well as grazing.

Local Land Services is responsible for the care, control and management of about 30 per cent of TSRs in NSW, covering about 530,000 hectares, mostly concentrated in the Central and Eastern Divisions.

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