Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve – Movement through Drought and Fire

11th Feb 2020

As we move towards drought and fire recovery, the control of feral animals and invasive weeds is vital for

rebuilding our primary production landscapes and discovering new ways within a changing environment to make this easier.

At Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve – a wetland of international significance - GLENRAC is in partnership with Northern Tablelands Local Land Services (NTLLS), the Australian Government, and the site manager - National Parks and Wildlife Service NSW (NPWS), and scientists from the University of New England to discover and describe the circle of life at the Reserve – the native plants and animals that call it home.

The project is being delivered between 2018 and 2023. Its cumulative findings will inform future management of the Reserve.

Some of the wildlife that call the Reserve home are transient, such as the Australasian Bittern – coming in for breeding when the lagoons are fresh with water and food for them.

Botanist, John Hunter, is mapping the annual seasonal changes in the vegetation structure around the lagoon and within the Reserve which is home to the endangered ecological community New England Peppermints (Eucalyptus nova anglica).

Two new plant species have been discovered there, and they are being described for the world to hear about. Watch this space!!!!

GLENRAC is working with NPWS and NTLLS to reach out to landholders neighbouring the lagoon to invite them to engage in pest animal and weed management with NPWS’ annual control programs.