$142,000 Upgrade for Glen Innes Regional Saleyards Truck Wash

05th May 2020

AN EFFLUENT issue causing a stink at the Glen Innes Regional Saleyards’ truck wash will soon be washed away, with Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall today announcing $142,000 in State Government funding to help recycle waste water onsite.  

Mr Marshall said Glen Innes Severn Council had difficulty disposing of effluent from the truck wash over the last few years, which poses a growing environmental risk.

“Good truck wash facilities don’t just help truckies keep their vehicles and trailers clean and presentable, they also serve as a vital first line of defence for our region’s biosecurity,” Mr Marshall said.

“An unwashed truck can carry weeds and disease in livestock effluent, which damages stock health, agricultural productivity and hampers biosecurity efforts.”

Mr Marshall said the project at Glen Innes, funded through the government’s Fixing Country Roads Program, would see a solids removal system installed at the truck wash, allowing liquid waste from the washed down trucks to be transferred off-site to the town’s sewerage treatment plant.

“By directing this water into the sewerage system, council will be able to fully treat and then recycle it back throughout its network.  

“Water security onsite will also be improved with the installation of an onsite tank and pump system that will enable water from alternate sources to be used during times of drought.

“Due to COVID-19 social distancing measures and the large amount of infrastructure work already underway in the shire, it is expected this project will start in the second half of this year.”   

Mr Marshall said the truck wash improvements would complement the $1.25 million redevelopment of the sheep yards at Glen Innes Saleyards.

“With these projects both scheduled for completion in 2020, Glen Innes will soon boast one of the most up-to-date, livestock selling complexes in the region,” he said.

“Work on the new sheep complex is progressing rapidly with the old wooden sheep yards now demolished and a temporary, demountable set in place to allow sales to continue during the build.

“A gravel pad has been laid in preparation for construction of the new pens, which is expected to begin in the next month. 3-phase power has also been extended on site to allow the installation of lights over the new loading ramps.

“A new amenities block is also being built on the end of the existing canteen. Construction on this structure is progressing well with local builders working to install new toilets and shower for use by truck drivers, and a new office space for the livestock agents to work from.

“Once complete, the redevelopment will offer new sheep selling pens, loading ramps, upgraded amenities, new lighting and water troughs, sealed carpark and associated signage and landscaping.”

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