Farmers Gain Increased Rebates for Quad Bike Replacements

08th Oct 2019

A PROGRAM supporting farmers to improve quad bike and vehicle safety will be soon be easier to access with Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall today announcing changes to the NSW Government’s Quad Bike Safety Improvement program

Mr Marshall said the region had experienced its fair share of quad bike accidents and urged farmers to put their safety first.

“From next month, rebates for rollover protection equipment and the safer side-by-side vehicles will be applied at the point of sale, reducing the up-front financial impact on farmers,” Mr Marshall said.

“Because of the drought the last thing farmers are thinking about is upgrading vehicles however this scheme will hopefully encourage farmers to purchase the necessary safety equipment.

“Tragically, people a still dying in quad bike accidents that could be prevented with the right safety equipment, training and with more regard to the dangers involved with these powerful vehicles.”

Under the revamped Quad Bike Safety Improvement program, quad bike owners will be able to claim their total $2,000 rebate as a one off payment.

The State Government has also increased the rebate offered on an operator protector device, also known as a rollover bar, from $500 to $600 which takes in the price of one of the more popular models.

Mr Marshall said a range of measures have been implemented to drive down the rate of accidents involving quad bikes.

“This program is the most comprehensive in the country and has delivered more than $2 million in rebates to farmers, who in turn have invested $28 million in improving safety,” he said.

“Farmers can also access free quad bike training sessions, and a $500 rebate for drones as part of the program, which promotes new and innovative ways of improving safety on farm operations.”

For further information on the Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program visit or call 13 10 50.

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