Dundee Smoko with Friends: The Good, the Bad and Ugly

16th Sep 2019

Smoko with Friends in Dundee: The Good, the Bad and Ugly of Invasive Grass Species

GLENRAC’s Smoko With Friends is heading to Dundee on 27th September, and all local residents are invited to come along for a cuppa and a catch up with others from the region.

This free event will focus on the identification and control of invasive grass species, with an emphasis on the invasive Nassella neesiana, or Chilean needle grass (CNG), which is growing widespread across parts of the New England, including Glen Innes.

Regarded as one of Australia’s worst weeds, CNG affects both sown and native grasslands, is unpalatable during its vegetative growth stage and can reduce farm productivity by as much as 50%.

NSW Department of Industries Research Scientist for Pastures, Carol Harris, will share her knowledge of CNG management and the new research being done to combat the weed through essential natural oils and seedbank management strategies.

“Although herbicide application is an important tool in the management of CNG, the results can be variable, with regular use leading to herbicide resistance and undesirable environmental results. Essential oils (plant derived, organic chemicals) on the other hand have been shown to have a residual effect on a number of weed species including those in the same genus as CNG,” says Carol.

“At the field day, I will be talking about a project that investigated the potential for essential oil products to reduce mature CNG plants and deplete soil seed banks in sown and native pastures through a series of pot experiments. The results signpost the potential role of essential oils for CNG management, but will require further investigation and rigorous validation under field conditions.”

Guyra farmer, Bill Perrottet, is one of a number of land managers in the region experimenting with controlling CNG through organised grazing systems. Bill will be sharing his knowledge of managing the noxious weed as a winter pasture species on his property ‘Urandangie’, and the potential, if ignored, for the competitive grass to dominate pastures, endanger livestock and reduce the overall property value.

Authorities from the New England Weeds Authority and the Local Land Services will also be in attendance on the day to answer any questions or queries.

Participants are encouraged to bring along weedy plants from their own sites for accurate identification.

This event is supported by The NSW Department of Industries and Landcare NSW Program: Managing Established Pest Animals and Weeds.

Smoko with Friends: The Good, the Bad and Ugly of Invasive Grass Species.
Friday 27th September 2019, 10:00am –11:30am, Dundee Hall.

Please RSVP to GLENRAC by phone: 02 6732 3443, oremail: eliza.james@glenrac.org.au, ordropintotheGLENRACofficeat 68 ChurchSt, GlenInnes.

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