Celebrating 30 years of Landcare

23rd Jul 2019
The Landcare movement today celebrated 30 years of all sections of Australian society working together to improve the environment and create more productive farm land.
Minister for Agriculture, Senator Bridget McKenzie, today marked the anniversary in Parkville with a host of people involved in Landcare over the last 30 years, and announced Sophie Taylor-Price as the new Landcare ambassador.
“The Australian Government stands by Landcare as it celebrates this important milestone and goes from strength to strength,” Minister McKenzie said.
“The Government committed $1.1 billion in the 2017-18 Budget for the second phase of the National Landcare Program.
“Today I announced our $14.4 million investment over five years for Landcare Australia Limited and the National Landcare Network.
“This funding will be used to enhance engagement with rural communities, improve communication and support the sharing of knowledge—helping to breakdown that disconnect that exists between the city and the bush.
“Landcare isn’t just a movement—it’s an immovable force.
“For 30 years Landcare has transcended politics and ideologies.
“As I said in my condolence motion to Parliament, Bob Hawke gave the Landcare movement legitimacy and a champion in the highest office of the country.
“We now have the combined might of the more than 6000 Landcare groups across the country, in both cities and the bush.
“Australian have an international reputation as sustainable land managers, and Landcare has helped to foster this.
“The government is determined to maintain high environmental standards, supporting sustainable farming methods and sharing best practice to grow Australian agriculture to $100 billion by 2030.”
For more information on Landcare, visit www.nrm.gov.au

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