Glen Innes Severn Council Wins at the New England Landcare Awards!

15th Jul 2019

The Glen Innes Severn Council won big at the biannual New England Landcare Awards last month, taking home the Partnership for Landcare Award for 2019. Held as part of the New England North West Landcare Adventure in Narrabri, the awards recognise individuals and groups across the country for their outstanding contribution to preserving the unique Australian landscape.

“Council is proud to be awarded the Partnership for Landcare Award at the recent ceremony in Narrabri which recognises the long-standing partnership with GLENRAC,” says Graham Price, the Director of Development, Planning and Regulatory Services at GISC. “The GISC has had a long and rewarding relationship with GLENRAC since its inception. Council recognises the role it provides in delivering the coordination of a productive environmental and social resource base in our Local Government Area.

“GLENRAC is a highly regarded organisation within the local community, particularly the farming community, with over 800 members and Council looks forward to continuing its working relationship with GLENRAC into the future.”

The Partnership for Landcare Award is presented to a local or regional authority demonstrating innovation and excellence in creating partnerships with their local Landcare group. Since GLENRAC’s first meeting in 1989, GISC has played an active role in their Committee of Management, with a Councilor and staff representative attending meetings and participating in the development of strategic direction at GLENRAC.

In the past twelve months, this close collaboration between council and GLENRAC has been the foundation for local community members accessing resources, information and support across the areas of pest animal management, weed management and governance. In addition, the drought support funding received by GISC, and distributed to GLENRAC via the Australian Drought Communities Programme, has been a key project collaboration between the two bodies, with a plan of action devised to best utilise funding to deliver help and support to the community during the current drought conditions.

"GLENRAC and GISC are natural partners, with both organisations aiming to produce a sustainable local ecosystem which also enables and accepts growth in agricultural production,” says the GISC delegate for GLENRAC, Cr. Colin Price. “The continuing growth in membership of GLENRAC reflects the ability of the executive board and the genuine respect for the organisation by funding bodies, notably with recent drought programs delivered by outstanding staff or committee members.

“The role of Council staff on the GLENRAC board has been significant with Director Graham Price and former Environmental Officer Ian Trow being involved."

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