Discounted Fees for Cat Desexing this July

01st Jul 2019

Local cat owners will have the opportunity to access discounted rates for feline desexing this July.

As part of National Desexing Month, GLENRAC has partnered with the RSPCA NSW Glen Innes Volunteer Branch and local veterinarians, Drs Matt and Hannah Pope and Dr Michelle Piccini, to offer heavily discounted fees for both pensioner and health care card holders for the desexing of cats. In addition, concession card holders can also access a $50 voucher from the RSPCA to assist with paying for the cost of desexing.

“Cats are loving pets that provide companionship and affection to many people across Australia. Tragically however, each year, RSPCA shelters take in around 160,000 animals nationally, many of which are the result of unplanned breeding,” says GLENRAC Project Officer, Shelley Eglesfield.

The result of these increased numbers creates pressure on animal shelters, like the RSPCA, and leads to an influx in abandoned cat populations that roam the community.

In addition to aggressive behaviour and fighting between other species, feral cats can cause problems to human health, including spreading Toxoplasmosis, an infection dangerous to pregnant women as it can result in birth defects, and Sarcocystitis, a parasite that causes cysts in red meat products. Feral cats are also predators to birdlife and small native animals, such as the spotted native quoll, a threatened species unique to the New England region.

Desexing is an effective strategy that not only prevents accidental litters but also decreases the risk of some feline diseases and illness, such as mammary cancer and uterine infections in females, and prostrate problems in males. Desexing also impacts behavioural problems in cats, such as aggression and the desire to roam, which can result in traumatic accidents away from home.

To access a voucher contact RSPCA NSW Glen Innes Volunteer Branch on 0487 824 790.

Eligible voucher holders are free to use the veterinary clinic of their choice. All bookings for the Glen Innes Veterinary Hospital are to be made through the local RSPCA on 0487 824 790, while bookings for Michelle Piccini Mobile Vet are to be made directly on 0448 156 854 once you have your voucher.

This program is supported by funding from the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Feral Fighters Program.‚Äč

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