Spray Drift and Weed Management Workshop

07th Apr 2019

Brush up on the ins and outs of chemical application and weed control with industry professionals at GLENRAC’s Spray Drift and Weed Management workshop next week.

In collaboration with the Department of Industries (DPI), Landcare NSW are facilitating the Managing Established Pest Animals and Weeds (MEPPAW) project, an initiative that will deliver a number of workshops and activities aimed at increasing landholder uptake of best management of invasive species. GLENRAC have received $12,000 funding from MEPPAW to roll out related workshops and events in the district over the next two months.

The Spray Drift and Weed Management workshop will discuss how safe chemical application and weed management practices reduce potential negative impacts to farming operations and the environment. Rural consultant, Mary O’Brien and Senior Biosecurity Officer, James Browning, will present the event. Together they will outline the major considerations farmers need to take into account in regard to spray drift and weed control, including appropriate application technique and changes to Australian Biosecurity legislation.

“A major focus will be on the new 2,4-D requirements that came into force in October and how farmers can comply with these standards and still maintain efficacy,” says Mary O’Brien. “We will also focus on nozzle selection and minimizing drift.

“One of the main things we have to be aware of is how to use chemicals responsibly so that we maintain our access to products,” continues Mary. “How do we get the best out of those chemicals and the best out of our applications of them to minimize weed resistance to products that we certainly need going into the future.”

The workshop will also address individual responsibilities under the Biosecurity Act and how to manage Biosecurity risks during times of drought; correct labelling and record keeping; spraying for weather conditions; travel speeds and deposition; coverage and efficacy; and the Weed Wise App, a free and easy to use service for identifying weeds and control methods that can be downloaded to a personal phone or tablet

This free event is a great opportunity for agriculturalists wanting to learn spray drift and weed management techniques under Australian standards, or for individuals aiming to refresh their knowledge in these areas.

Each participant will receive a pack containing a nozzle chart, fact sheets and other information. Lunch will be provided on the day.

Spray Drift and Weed Management workshop. 10th April 2019. 12:30pm – 4:00pm. Glen Innes Saleyards Canteen, 36 Lang St.

Please RSVP to GLENRAC by 5:00pm April 8th, 2019 by phone: 02 6732 3443 or text: 0427 325 901 or email: kylie@glenrac.org.au or drop in to the GLENRAC office at 68 Church St, Glen Innes.



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