Rare wildlife find

17th Mar 2013

Landowners on Rummerys Hill 20 kilometres north of Glen Innes are pretty excited about a road-killed animal found on the weekend. It’s a rare Spotted-tail Quoll, not seen in that area for many years.

Peter King, coordinator of the local landcare group said ‘we’re sorry this quoll died but at least he proves quolls are in the Rummerys Hill area.

‘We think Rummerys Hill is a special place for wildlife because it is part of a lightly-cleared strip of country that runs 100 kilometres east-west from Shannon Vale to Ashford. Wildlife such as quolls and koalas can use this timbered country as a wildlife corridor to move across the region.’

Quolls are Australian marsupials that eat birds, mice and other small creatures. They are powerfully built and can climb very well. They mostly hunt at night and are harmless to people and livestock, except for poultry.

Peter King said ‘no sensible person builds a chook yard that isn’t fox-proof, so it’s not hard to keep quolls away from your birds with a strong wire roof.

‘Years ago struggling farmers thought of quolls as ferocious ‘tigers’ that all needed to be shot. Now we know they’re gentle, harmless animals that we can afford to live with.

‘We’d like people to share their country with these beautiful animals because right across Australia quolls are struggling to survive in changing environments’ he added.



Photo supplied. Caption: Local landowner Peter Kamphorst shows the powerful build of the Spotted-tail Quoll

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