Restoring Earth - Glen Innes: A rain hub for this region

12th Mar 2019

Are you interested in the future of farming food in Australia? Join GLENRAC at Restoring Earth, a free information event at the Services Club this month where regenerative farmer and general manager of Fig Tree Organic Farms, Glenn Morris, will be discussing the journey of organic meat from paddock to plate, the importance of creating holistic farmlands in harmony with nature in the face of a changing climate, and the opportunities for Australian farmers to improve their product through the rejuvenation of degraded landscapes.

FigTree Organic Farms is a local agricultural operation farming organic beef and pork across two properties, ‘Wilton Park’ near Grafton and ‘Billabong’ near Inverell. When Glenn arrived to manage the properties in 1998, he found a conventional industrial agricultural setting – the landscape was tired from overgrazing, the soils poor and the remaining ecosystems in rapid decline. Glenn, who holds a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture and whose thesis quantified the water holding capacity of humus, embarked on an intensive journey to rebalance the soils at each property, improving carbon emissions that in turn enhanced the water cycles across both chemical free farms. “Respecting and valuing vegetation for the water-cycling processes that are performed is critical to our future, because we need rainfall,” says Glenn. “We need water more than anything else to get our productivity going.” The result of Glenn’s commitment to holistic farming is a quality organic beef and pork product that is now sold to butchers and restaurants across NSW and enjoyed by Australians who value the transparency of knowing they are consuming local nutritious food responsibly.

The evening will include a screening of, Restoring Earth, a film that follows Glenn and a growing movement of Australian farmers and growers running successful operations that work in harmony with nature to create quality products. Restoring Earth also raises awareness of the alarming rate of decline to bioregions and soil health across NSW and QLD in the last two hundred years caused by government introduced policies that encouraged land clearing and European farming techniques inappropriate for the Australian climate.

“We really need to have these national and state goals that are saying, righto, we’ve got this degraded state of soil health and landscape condition that has come about through decades of decision making which wasn’t appropriate,” says Glenn. “We need to rest the land back into a healthy resource base for another thousand generations of Australians.”

No stranger to talking about the need for Australians to decrease their climate impact – you might recognise Glenn as the man who rode his stock horse, Hombre, across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2016 to raise awareness of the impact of climate change on Australian farmers – he will also be discussing Project Draw Down, a comprehensive action plan for rural people to manage the impacts of a changing climate.

Restoring Earth, Wednesday 20th March, 2019. 7:00-8:30pm. Glen Innes District Services Club. Free to attend, light supper provided.

RSVP by Tuesday 19th March to or 02 6732 3443

Photo credit: The Inverell Times 

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