01st Feb 2019

LANDCARE groups across the Northern Tablelands will benefit from a $22.4 million boost to expand the Local Landcare Co-ordinator Initiative, if the Coalition Government is re-elected in March, Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall said today.

The Local Landcare Co-ordinator Initiative is a highly successful program, bringing together volunteer Landcare groups to deliver better results for landholders, local communities and the environment.

Mr Marshall said Landcare and their volunteers should be commended on all the work that they do to ensure our environment is protected for our future generations 

“These people, many of whom are farmers in the region, are out there on the ground, getting their hands dirty and taking practical steps to improve the environment for all of us,” Mr Marshall said.

“While Landcare relies heavily on the generosity of volunteers, it can’t function effectively without dedicated staff running the day-to-day operations.

“Today’s announcement includes almost $5 million to support Landcare NSW’s ongoing sustainability and oversight of the program, ensuring that 60 Local Landcare Co-ordinators, like Sara Schmude in Armidale, can continue their valuable work.

“This funding will also allow for an expansion of the scheme, with the introduction of 11 new regional co-ordinators.”

Landcare NSW has over 60,000 members and 3,000 groups, providing a massive grass-roots movement, which helps to manage our natural resources.

Mr Marshall said Local Lands Services (LLS) had worked closely with Landcare NSW, helping to cement the relationship between the farming community and Landcare members, and enabling volunteers to make the most of their valuable time.

“Today’s announcement will ensure that additional staff can work in partnership with LLS to deliver on the ground projects to improve our natural resource management,” Mr Marshall said.

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