Drought Relief Funds from CWA of NSW

06th Jul 2018

The Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW has announced $100,000 will be released from its Disaster Relief fund to help farm families in NSW struggling with worsening drought conditions.

This is in addition to last month’s donation of $1,000,000 by businessman and philanthropist Dick Smith to help drought-affected farm families across the nation, with the CWA of Australia working with state CWAs to distribute the funds.  

Many NSW regions are experiencing some of the driest conditions in recent memory after record-low rainfall and a warmer-than-average autumn, and CWA of NSW President Annette Turner said an increasing number of farmers are being pushed to the financial brink.

“Releasing this money from the Disaster Relief Fund is something tangible we can do for these families in need. We can’t make it rain but we can try to ease a little of their short-term financial pain,” Mrs Turner said.

“We appreciate it’s only a small amount compared with the level of hardship out there, but this funding is designed to help people with the household needs and expenses they have right now.”

Grant payments will be made up to a maximum of $3000 per individual applicant and/or household and are available for farming businesses that are drought-affected and reliant on farming as their primary source of income.

The money can be used for the likes of groceries, vehicle maintenance, school expenses, household bills and medical costs.

For more information visit the CWA website.

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