Small holdings have big impact on revegetation

11th Aug 2017

Submitted by Northen Table Lands Local Lands Services


Positive activities on even a handful of acres can make a big difference to the environment, and trees in particular provide many benefits, no matter how big or small the property. Northern Tablelands Local Land Services and Landcare networks around the region have teamed up to work with landholders on smaller blocks to make native revegetation projects more accessible.

Building on the Northern Tablelands ‘Trees on Farms’ program, the project is focused on enabling and growing a community of ‘small’ landholders on lifestyle blocks, hobby farms and properties skirting our towns within the region, to implement revegetation works.

“Our goal is that people with small farms value native vegetation and think about integrating it into their plans for their properties,” Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Officer, Ivan Lackay, said.

“We want to encourage landholders to invest in native tree planting to gain benefits such as shade and shelter, improved land value and the health of the landscape.”

Our research shows landholders with majority off-farm income and activity on properties from 10-200 hectares have a strong interest in the environment and connection to Landcare groups, but sometimes lack the infrastructure, equipment and specific knowledge to participate in native revegetation projects.

Ivan said the partnership with Landcare was to help peri-urban landholders on smaller acreages, lifestyle blocks and hobby farms, to reintroduce native trees on their land.

“Some landholders plant trees to reduce the wind, because when they originally cleared the land for those blocks, many of the trees were removed,” Ivan said.

Providing native fauna with both habitat and safe travel routes is another benefit trees offer on peri-urban properties where development has disturbed wildlife corridors.

Species with local provenance will be identified for properties where planting is to occur and seeds, where possible, accessed through the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services seedbank which contains species endemic to the region.

“As landholders join in the project, we are interested in following people’s progress and measuring how revegetation had a positive impact on their properties. As the project develops, we will update the whole community on outcomes and benefits in the hope others may want to get involved with similar projects”, said Ivan.

Membership with your local Landcare group is not necessary to participate in the program but involvement with like-minded people and participation in group activities could be one benefit of getting involved.

For more information about Trees on Small Farms grants, contact Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Officer Ivan Lackay on 0423 012 661 or your local Landcare office.

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