Making Money out of Dirt: Precision Technologies for Pasture Production and Profit

10th Aug 2017

Submitted by Precision Pastures 

Have you ever wondered how to make more money out of dirt?

A group of students from the University of New England in collaboration with Precision Pastures are planning a field day on 31 August near Guyra to inform you of how it might be achieved.

Milton Curkpatrick, Precision Pastures Director, said this event will explain how precision technology services are “More accurately and precisely targeting fertiliser and lime treatments to underpin sustainable increases in stocking rates and ensure fertiliser investments are more efficient and cost effective over time.”

The event, sponsored by NAB, is boasting a spreader truck demonstration of Variable Rate Application of fertiliser based on the soil fertility zone maps that Precision Pastures tailors for their clients’ farms.

The main speaker, Dr. Richard Simpson of CSIRO, will talk about managing the phosphorus cycle in pastures for effective use of phosphorus fertiliser investments.

Other speakers will break down the cost-benefit of using precision technology services, explain how strategic inputs lead to increased production and improve your farm’s financial bottom line, and share how Precision Pastures can help to achieve greater farm viability.

Graziers, mixed-farm owners, farm resource and service providers, and anyone else who may be interested are very welcome.

The event will run from 4- 8pm and will include a BBQ dinner hosted by the Armidale Rowing Club.

The venue will be “Kolora”, a property owned by the White family and currently using the Precision Pastures service and it is located at the Brockley Road turnoff 16 km east of Guyra along the Guyra / Ebor Road.

Please bring $10 for a meal ticket on the day, proceeds will go to the Armidale Rowing Club.

Please RSVP by 28 August using the link at or for more information contact John Rutherford on 0423 176 275 or at 

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