16th Feb 2017

GLENRAC is pleased to announce the second round of paddock walks will be held next Thursday 23rd February.  These walks will be held on the corner of Shannon Vale rd and Linwood Rd, on the Shannon Vale Rd. at 9.00am and at the Glencoe sports ground at 1.30pm.

These paddock plant walks are designed to assist land managers to identify common paddock plants including introduced and native grasses and legumes and noxious and environmental weeds.  GLENRAC have been able to procure the expertise of Judi Earl - AIMS - Agricultural Information and Monitoring Service, Northern Tablelands local land services Jeff Lowien and Luke Turner from the New England Weeds Authority to walk us through the variety of species that will be at each site.

Judi worked in the horse industry, managing breeding studs, before gaining a PhD in pasture ecology, when she conducted the first studies describing the benefits to pasture composition from planned grazing. She has extensive experience in how grasslands and pastures respond to grazing and fertility management and is a widely respected speaker on these matters.

The first two paddock walks were attended by a diverse variety of landholders with comments such as “terrific information”, “well-paced” and “practical suggestions”.  Most people felt they had increased their plant recognition and the importance of grazing management for species diversity and left determined to learn what grasses they had at home.

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