New Weeds Officer for Glen Innes

17th Nov 2016

Submitted by New England Weeds Aurothority

New England Weeds Authority (NEWA) strengthens their partnership with Glen Innes Severn Council and the Glen Innes community through the appointment of a new Weeds Officer. Each Local Government area in NSW has one or more staff members assigned to work with the community to ensure weeds are managed for the benefit of the larger community as prescribed by the Noxious Weeds Act, 1993.

New England Weeds Authority has an agreement with Glen Innes Severn Council to undertake inspection and control functions in their area. NEWA is a single purpose County Council which currently manage noxious weed control on behalf our constituent member Councils of Armidale Regional, Uralla and Walcha.

Mr Luke Turner has joined the NEWA team to undertake the role of Weeds Officer in the Glen Innes Severn area. Luke has recently completed a Bachelor of Agriculture Degree at The University of New England and has spent the last few months working with experienced NEWA staff to get a grasp of the diverse functions Weeds Officers undertake in their communities.

 “I look forward to getting started in Glen Innes and hope to meet as many landholders and land managers as possible” Luke said. Weed Officers inspect properties over a 3 year cycle but also make themselves available throughout the year to provide advice and assistance in regard to weed management and control. The annual roadside spray program has also commenced in Glen Innes with Chilean Needle Grass being the first target species.

Weeds are declared noxious by the Minster for Primary Industries for one of three reasons – either they have a financial impact (usually on agriculture), they threaten biodiversity or because they pose a health impact to humans. Weeds Officers work closely with the community, both in town and on rural properties, to ensure weeds are managed in a way that benefits the entire community. This is largely done through property inspections, education and weed control on publicly managed land.

Luke can be contacted on 0438 501 286 or through the Glen Innes Severn Council Offices at 136 Church St, Glen Innes. Further information can be obtained by contacting New England Weeds Authority on 6770 3602 or visiting our website

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