GLENRAC celebrates National Landcare Week

31st Aug 2016

GLENRAC will be celebrating this year’s National Landcare Week with a trifecta of events. GLENRAC is hosting two events on Wednesday 7th September 2016 which is also National Threatened Species Day, a day that highlights the importance of Australia’s threatened fauna and flora species.

The first event will be a workshop on the Indian Myna birds, their ecology, biology and control techniques. The Indian Myna bird is an introduced species to Australia and is a threat to native bird species as they are extremely aggressive and territorial birds that outcompete native birds for food, water and shelter. The workshop will be delivered by Clarence Valley Conservation in Action group members Kevin and Laura Noble. GLENRAC will have Indian Myna birds traps available for loan for interested community members following the workshop.

The second event is an information evening titled ‘Save our threatened species’. This event will bring two UNE research students, Frances Zewe and Trent Forge who have been completing PhD studies investigating the ecology of feral cats and Spotted tailed quolls on the Northern Tablelands respectively. This research relates directly to a local threatened species, the Spotted tailed quoll and one of its most dangerous predators, the feral cat.  The evening will also feature displays from Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers and National Parks & Wildlife. Come along to learn more about what is happening in our own backyard.

The final event for the week will be GLENRAC’s Fit Farmers event to be held at Wellingrove Hall on Thursday 8th September. This event will deliver information on topics relating farmer’s physical, mental and financial health.  In addition to a great line up of speakers GLENRAC has invited a number of service providers to have displays at this event. This annual event is R U OK Day and is a reminder to help a mate by asking are they OK.

All the events running during National Landcare Week are free to attend and GLENRAC invites all members of the community to join us in the celebration!

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