Funding available for local landholders for trees on farms and healthy rivers

27th Jul 2016

Submitted by Northern Tableands Local Land Services

The 2016 ‘Trees on Farms’ and ‘Healthy Rivers’ projects have been launched today by Northern Tablelands Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme and Catchment Action NSW. Funding is available to landholders to restore native vegetation and boost the health and resilience of local water resources.

“Healthy waterways and native vegetation play a vitally important role in sustainable, productive farming systems. These projects will help local landholders to manage and protect creeks and rivers and regenerate native trees and plant species in areas where they’ve been lost,” said Iestyn Taylor, Senior Land Services Officer with Northern Tablelands Local Land Services.

“We also want to help landholders protect existing stands of native vegetation to ensure they survive for future generations.”

Trees and other native plants can provide big benefits for livestock in terms of shade and shelter. Native vegetation also provides a suite of environmental services to support healthy soils, pastures, and water quality.

“Riverine environments provide an abundance of private and public benefits. The health and resilience of water resources are crucial for continued human health, agricultural production and biodiversity conservation”, said Senior Land Services Officer, Andrew Walsh.

The Healthy Rivers project will focus on any natural waterways and their surrounding areas across the Northern Tablelands and Slopes.

“It is widely known among producers that access to good quality water is essential for livestock weight gain. Restricting stock access and providing off-stream watering points are the easiest ways to improve waterway health and water quality for livestock”, said Andrew.

Northern Tablelands Local Land Services is working with the NSW and Australian Governments to invest in the long-term sustainability of local agricultural businesses through better management of natural resources.

The 2016 Trees on Farms and Healthy Rivers projects are offering funding for activities including:
• Protecting and managing waterways
• Providing alternate water points where stock are excluded from water sources
• Planting shelter belts or wind breaks with native trees or shrubs
• Improving habitat for threatened species
• Protecting and managing existing native vegetation
• Revegetation on-farm, protecting paddock trees and encouraging natural regeneration

Expressions of Interest forms for funding through the Trees on Farms and Healthy Rivers projects are available on the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services website at:

Expressions of Interest close on Wednesday 31 August.

“After we have received your Expressions of Interest, we can work with landholders on-farm to develop their project ideas. We also have equipment available for site preparation and follow-up watering to give new plantings the best chance of survival,” said Iestyn.

For further information contact:
Iestyn Taylor on 02 6770 2008 for the Trees on Farms project.
Andrew Walsh on 02 6720 8318 for the Healthy Rivers project.
Or visit our website at

These projects are part of the $26.5 million of Catchment Action NSW investment and the $25 million of National Landcare Programme investment that Local Land Services is delivering to boost farm gate productivity and enable better management of our water, soil, vegetation, biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Media contact: Annabelle Monie 0429 626 326, 02 6720 8317


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