Council and GLENRAC join forces against weeds

20th Oct 2015

The second round of GLENRAC’s weed project Protection and restoration of roadside vegetation is now open. GLENRAC will be working together with landholders and the Glen Innes Severn Council to manage noxious and environmental weeds to improve roadside weed management. The aim of the project is to establish a buffer zone between Council and privately owned land, for more coordinated and effective weed management.

The roads in the Council area have been assessed with a number being identified as containing habitat of High and Medium Conservation Value. This means that there may be rare, threatened or endangered species; it could support that last remaining example of a particular type of bushland; be part of an important wildlife corridor; or link to a neighbouring national park or nature reserve. Landholders with property adjacent to High and Medium value conservation land on the roadside will be eligible to apply.

Where private land is treated under the project, Council will undertake to treat the adjacent roadside in the same season. Some of the weeds targeted under the project include whiskey grass, tree of Heaven, Coolatai grass, St John’s Wort, privet, and blackberry.    

Although there is limited funding for the project, GLENRAC and the Council would like to see as many landholders involved as possible. Project Officer Pamela Benton said, “the way to get the most out of the project is to work with your neighbours, and strengthen the buffer against weeds in your area. This is a great opportunity for landholders to get on top of a broad range of environmental and noxious weeds that have long been of concern, or that are emerging locally.”

There is a detailed map of High and Medium Conservation roadsides in the Council area on display at the GLENRAC office (68 Church St). This round of applications will close on Friday 30th of October, and forms will also be available from the office, or online at Please phone GLENRAC on 6732 3443 if you would like further details. 

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