Friends with Health Benefits

12th Aug 2015

Is your health the best it can be? Do you need some motivation to improve your health? Are you interested in a personalised programme to keep you on track and help you achieve your goals? GLENRAC and Rural Fit will be launching the Friends with Health Benefits project in spring this year to help you improve your health, happiness, and productivity.

The programme is for twelve participants, who will individually work with Rural Fit staff to improve various aspects of their physical health. The first step will include private one-on-one assessments to determine each participant’s starting point, and discussing with Rural Fit individual goals for the programme.

Depending on what each individual would like to achieve, the programme can focus on weight loss, strength training, improving cardiovascular fitness, stress management, improving sleep, reducing fatigue, flexibility and joint stability, pain and injury management, and management and prevention of metabolic conditions including diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension.

“It may seem a little outside of the square, compared to the projects that GLENRAC are usually focussed on”, says Pamela Benton, Project Manager at GLENRAC. “But we know that regardless of how well you run your stock, operate your property, and manage your business, if your health is compromised, you aren’t able to work to your full ability.”  This is a fantastic opportunity to take control of your health, and be accountable for achieving your goals.    

Over the following three months, a group online forum and phone calls with Rural Fit will keep participants motivated and focussed. Rural Fit will undertake one-on-one reviews at the end of the programme to assess the progress of each individual.

The launch and individual assessments will be held on Thursday 10th of September at the Deepwater Tennis Club, in conjunction with GLENRAC's annual Fit Farmers Event. 

Thanks to generous support from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, GLENRAC is able to offer this programme free of charge, however places are strictly limited. Places will be allocated on a first in, first served basis, so please contact the GLENRAC office early to secure your place. Phone 6732 3443 or email

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