Young Ag Professionals to meet in Inverell

17th Apr 2015

GWYMAC Landcare is hosting a weekend conference on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2015 in Inverell for Farmers (men and women), farmer workers and Ag. Industry reps who are under the age of 50 with thanks to funding received from The Ascent Group and The Schizophrenia Fellowship as part of the Australian Government's Drought Assistance Package.

Event Coordinator Sarah Priest said "We are very excited to be hosting this wonderful event, we feel there is a need for greater opportunities for young farmers to come together, socialise and find out about opportunities within the industry."

"With the average age of farmers in NSW being about 59 years old, we decided to tag the age limit as ‘under 50’ to support this." she said.

There is a diverse range of topics to be covered during the course of the weekend including:

Succession Planning; Drought and Rural Assistance; Soil Health for Human Health with renowned Doctor and Author Dr Carole Hungerford; Rural Fitness and Mental Health and Well-being; Myth-busting Organics and the Certification Process; Regenerative Agriculture with Guest Speaker Kym Kruse of Regen Ag.; Pasture & Cropping Health; Social Media and Marketing; Communication and Relationships On Farm; and a Farm Tour.

"There are a range of ticketing prices for the event, starting at just $40 for the whole weekend. This is an all-inclusive weekend and we even have child care available so parents can have the weekend off too" said Sarah.

Landcare Coordinator Anya Salmon said "We are fortunate to have some nationally recognized speakers at this weekend and are hoping this will entice a good crowd. If this event is a success, it is more likely we could attract further funding for Young Farmer events in the future, so come and support the community and your fellow farmers for a fun weekend!"

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