Ladies Gather

Source - Glen Innes Examiner, 13th October 2015, Georgina Bayly

The 2015 Rural Women’s Gathering – Gather in The Glen is finally complete with overwhelming success all round from the event.

350 women, as well as some men, converged on Glen Innes on Friday for the start of the three days of festivities.

Over the weekend, inspirational stories were told, rural issues were discussed and Glen Innes was on display to the masses.

Chairperson Mary Hollingworth said every aspect of the weekend was an absolute success.

“It just means so much to me,” she said.

“All the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Not only did we host it, we were supported whole heartedly by the whole community, the support really epitomised the heart of Glen Innes.” 

“I’m enormously proud and the committee are now enjoying the success of their labours.”

Bronnie Taylor MLC said she was thrilled to be in Glen Innes for the first time

“This encapsulates the energetic and keen women who have many solutions to problems and that’s what we like.

“I know any place with this many women is bound to be a lot of fun.”

Mary said Saturday night’s dinner could only be described as a gala function in the Centenary Pavilion.

“The dance floor was overflowing with women even before dinner,” she said.

Sunday’s Rural Women’s Network Forum identified several issues that will be made a priority by the network.

“People were so pleased to have the opportunity to have their say,” Mary said.

Adam Marshall MP said the gathering was terrific for rural women.

“350 people in the community it not only great for the economy but brilliant for Glen Innes to promote itself too,” he said.

“If it wasn’t for the hard work of the committee we wouldn’t have this Rural Women’s Gathering.”



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