Sober in the Country - Bush Tribe

Sober In The Country is an independent not-for-profit bush charity addressing alcohol harm in the bush through our #OK2SAYNO campaign & via advocacy, social impact and a laser-focused peer-to-peer support group.

SITC isn't reinventing the wheel; but we are recalibrating the wheel for bush conditions - because the normal recommendations from specialists or GP's that we seek help via a century-old and city-based anonymous face-to-face support group as ''the only way'' for coming through alcohol abuse or addiction is both outdated and ineffective in rural Australia - where anonymity doesn't exist.​

Peer support (we call this mates helping mates) is one of the non-negotiable cornerstones of recovery, so we're just taking it online, to ensure rural people overcoming addiction in permanent ''ISO'' have a safe place to connect, too.  ​

The SITC Bush Tribe is our online platform for those who:

a) recognise and acknowledge that they need to cut back or quit using alcohol

b) are willing and prepared to be engaged, proactive, and help themselves 

c) appreciate a non-judgemental space to chat with like-minded peers

d) don't have the time or money to leave their lives / jobs / farms to travel to services  

We have an unapologetically laser-focused demographic and strict point of ID, simply because this is the invisible group of Australians that's being overlooked again, and again, and again. And because we believe a sustainable rural Australia cannot exist without sustainable rural Australians. 



Open Date:   Wed 03/02/2021

Close Date:   Thu 03/02/2022