BCT Support for Fire Affected Landholders

State-wide, 290 out of the 2000 properties in the BCT private land conservation network have been affected by the 2019/20 bushfires. In the Northern Inland region, 12 properties have been impacted.

The BCT is contacting landholders across the state to discuss the extent of the fire impacts on the biodiversity and infrastructure on their property, and have provided post-fire biodiversity recovery information either directly or through the
 FAQs published on our websiteWe have also developed some tips for landholders who are beginning to think about ways to support the recovery of their land post-fire. Feel free to share these resources among your networks.

The BCT is offering some financial support through our 
conservation partners grants program and eligible landholders have been encouraged to get in touch via our info line 1300 992 688 or email info@bct.nsw.gov.au.  

Open Date:   Wed 05/08/2020

Close Date:   Thu 31/12/2020