2021 Nuffield Scholarships for Primary Producers

2020 is a year of change that will impact global economies and change agricultural markets. As such, there has never been a better time for proactive agriculturalists to consider a scholarships to understand the post-COVID world! 

Nuffield have 20x 14 week scholarships to the value of $30,000 available to primary producers to study leading-edge agriculture as part of the global Nuffield network.

Primary producers must be:

  • Between 28-45 years of age. Please note that exceptional candidates outside this age range will be considered
  • Ordinarily a resident of Australia
  • Engaged in farming, horticulture, fishing or associated industries
  • Intending to remain involved in food and fibre industries in Australia

What’s on offer?

  • 20x scholarships to the value of $30,000, subject to guidelines set out on the Nuffield website to cover costs associated with the study and reporting
  • Nuffield will withhold some funding as an assurance on the submission of an approved report
  • Likely costs exceeding this value must be met by the scholar

Application close 11th September 2020.

For more information and to read the full guidelines, visit www.nuffield.com.au




Open Date:   Tue 07/07/2020

Close Date:   Fri 11/09/2020