Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships Program

Rural Aid is always looking for ways to assist our Aussie farmers. That is why we wanted to bring to your attention the Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships Program, worth up to $18,000 per student, available from the Federal Government.

The scholarships are open to students from regional and remote areas of Australia and will support up to 1100 undergraduate, postgraduate and Vocational Education and Training (VET) students to undertake a tertiary course. Open to all fields of study, the scholarships are for Certificate IV to PhD courses. 

Scholarship recipients may receive total scholarship funding up to $18,000, based on course length and type of study or training. A further $500 is available to scholarship recipients to support an internship. For more information on the benefits a scholarship offers you, visit

If you have children or know others who have children and could benefit from the scholarship, please share this link with them -

Open Date:   Tue 24/03/2020

Close Date:   Thu 31/12/2020