Community Outreach Event @ Deepwater Hall

Wed 23/02/2022

Community Outreach Events (National Recovery and Resilience Agency)

Deepwater Hall,  Wednesday 23 February 2022, 10 am - 2 pm

The National Recovery and Resilience Agency is conducting community outreach events throughout affected districts in regional Australia to bring together community members and share with them important information about available government support and how to access it. Under this Australian Government initiative, agencies (in partnership with state government agencies and non-government organisations) will travel to affected communities, to assist farming households.

Events are held in town halls or similar style venues, where community members can come and go over a period of four hours and chat to stakeholders and other community members. Our observation has been that not only have the events been popular among the community as a place to gather much information; they have been an opportunity to reconnect with other members of the community, and a great place for stakeholders to connect and network with each other. 

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