GLENRAC Focus - Improve family communication to benefit farm and family

Thu 19/07/2018

Jen Haberecht from the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Rural Resilience Program will be our guest speaker for the July Focus event. This event follows on from some of our recent events that have covered farm family succession planning and understanding your farm financial statements. All these activities need effective communication to work well!

You know the difficult conversation – the one you desperately want to avoid because it might cause a storm or – at least waves.

“When we ignore or deny the difficult conversations, it can put our lives on hold,”

“Sometimes, we feel reluctant to start a difficult conversation because we have tried it in the past and the emotions got a bit out of control. Or we might feel that we just don’t know how.”

Come along to learn some new ideas and techniques to improve your communication at home, at work and for life in general.

More details on the Event Notice below.

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